Best Safety Razor

This should serve as a guide to quickly get what you see as the best safety razor in your hands.

Top Four Safety Razors

I’ll start off with the affordable section of razors that are also still worthy of your use. Some of the best razors in the lower end price range come from Maggard Razors the V2, V3 and V3A are some of the top picks. Along with Maggard comes the Merkur 34C razor* which I quite like, it is fairly durable. Similar to the Merkur razor is the Edwin Jagger* that is a slightly improved upon head design.


(Merkur Razor)

Next comes the middle range razors that will give a more aggressive shave than the ones before. The Fatip Piccolo* razor is nickel plated and will be more durable than the last few razors. If you’re looking for a very durable razor then you should set your sights on the Muhle R41* a chrome plated open comb beast.


(Fatip Piccolo razor)

Okay, you’ve mastered the art of the perfect shave and think you’re ready for the big leagues. These are some of the best razors and will not disappoint. The mongoose is a Maggard exclusive razor featuring a hexagonal handle and is a single edge razor that will knock your socks off. Then there is the OneBlade razor, not to be taken lightly, this razor comes with a hefty price tag. It proves to be worth the cost though with years of research and development goin for into this beaut’. It features a pivoting head and a quick load system for the blades. Along with the razor comes some sample blades, a stainless steel stand, and a leather case. Quite the investment but you will see returns in never having to buy another razor.


(OneBlade razor)

There you have it the full list of razors in one place, hope you like the list let me know how you feel on the razors if you decide to pick one up.

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